Welcome to Friends of UCAR

Friends of UCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) enhances understanding of the atmospheric sciences for thousands of students, teachers, families, and members of the public by supporting creative projects that might not typically be sanctioned under UCAR’s federal funding. These include educational programs, exhibits, events and efforts to test the impact of new technology on learning – efforts which now reach increasingly diverse audiences. The types of projects funded by Friends of UCAR span the fascinating breadth of UCAR/NCAR research — including the effects of changing weather and climate on society and the environment.

Since 1996, Friends of UCAR has been making financial awards from funds raised through donations from UCAR employees, visitors, and other committed community members who support efforts to improve scientific literacy. These non-traditional funding sources give Friends of UCAR much-needed flexibility and allow us to explore the most promising innovations in science education.

Please take a moment to consider whether you are able to make a donation.